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A Ton of Carbon

April 18, 2011

Which weighs more?  A ton of carbon or a ton of feathers? 

In just over 4 months we have saved a ton of carbon from blowing around in the atmosphere.  April 14 2011 lower 9In fact, by approximately 4:30 p.m. on April 14th we’d saved 2,163 lbs., give or take a few, from spewing forth from the coal plant to the west.  April 14 2011 upper 0







I’m rather looking forward to the April electric bill.


Solar System update–another milestone met

February 6, 2011

Given that it’s winter and the sun, when it’s out, is very low in the sky, it is encouraging to see that the solar panels are squeeze out some electricity.  And yesterday we hit my latest goal – 500 pounds of carbon that we did not put into the atmosphere!

feb 5 2011  - 1Here are the outputs displays from the two sets of panels.  Grand Total: 507.3 lbs!  We have saved the weight of our family in carbon emissions.  more carbon saved as of Feb 5, 2011

I don’t remember how much that is in kilowatt hours – a goodly number.  Next update I’ll provide that too.



After a quick consultation with my husband we have decided that the next milestone to meet is 1730 lbs.  That is our estimation of the weight of the entire household, including pets  (4 llamas and 3 cats).  We aren’t counting the bees.