About Midwest Green

“It’s not that easy being green” Kermit The Frog

How does one middle class midwestern family live an eco-friendly, locally-supportive, globally-conscious lifestyle?  So many options and so many are contradictory (globally aware but not especially green, green but not locally supportive, locally supportive but not globally-conscious).  What to do, what to do?



  1. I like your site. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a Midwestern green site for awhile now and in doing so, came across this blog. If you post more stuff, I can link to your site and you can link to mine and we can get more traffic! What do you think?

    • Cait I’d be honored if you’d link to my site. And I’d love to see yours too (but don’t know what it is….:)

  2. Very nice site…Gotta love them Honeybees.

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