Bee buzz

June 2, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, the same day I installed the four hives, I received a phone call.  It was the librarian from a nearby town and would I be willing to talk to her preschool story group about bees? 

Well of course I was.

Now it has been quite awhile since I have talked to 3 and 4 year olds, so it took a bit of thought.  What would my take-away message be for these little folks?  I decided it was “if they’re fuzzy, let them bee.” 

Minier Library Story Hour 3I figured that most little people, often learned from their big people, are rather scared of bees.  I wanted to talk to them about why bees are good (pollination and honey) and how they really don’t want to sting and only will  if they or their hive is threatened.  Wasps, on the other hand, while they do pollinate, they don’t make honey, and they can sting you over and over with no compunction (but I didn’t use the word “compunction”).

Minier Library Story Hour



I filled out the talk with other bits of bee facts. Things like that other bees make honey too, just not extra honey (I wonder what bumblebee honey tastes like?).  I talked about swarms a little (mostly because the Moms thought it was interesting).  There was the ever popular description of honey as “bee spit”,  and of course there was the modeling of the beekeeper garb.

This past week the Prairie State Journal (a weekly regional paper, but, alas, with no online presence) came out and I was splashed all over the front page (these pictures and a couple more). 

Meanwhile, my bees up by the house in the topbar hive are doing fine. We’ve had an awful lot of rain the last few days though – about 3” (which is a lot for us) – including a flash flood in the park next door on Friday and numerous flooded roads and fields.  I haven’t had a chance to check my bees this weekend because of a community theater production.  And I need to check the bees I started for my friend.  Soon.  I’ll add it to the never ending to do list.


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