An Oily Taste in My Mouth

October 30, 2011

It has been just over 18 months since the Deepwater Horizon accident and it seems that everywhere I turn I hear or see another  BP or BP sponsored advertisement.

First I started seeing these videos on my desktop Weather Channel gadget, videos about the employees at BP.  Then it was the Gulf coast tourism ads, proudly and prominently sponsored by BP.  And my reaction to all of them has been distaste. 

I’ve been to the Gulf (pre-oil spill), it is a beautiful and fascinating place.  I like people and am always happy for people to be satisfyingly employed.  But it’s the second meaning of these advertisements that makes me gag.  They are so clearly and obviously an attempt to make BP look good.  See – we’re a good company to work for; we’re nice people.  See – we’re doing a good job in the Gulf coast, see it’s “open for business” – and by the way, aren’t we wonderful for sponsoring these ads too.

What would be better?  How about some clear and obvious progress on doling out the $20 billion dollars meant to reimburse those affected negatively by the oil spill.  Last I heard they’d given out $7 billion.  How about a sincere apology and attitude of contrition that lasts as long as the suffering their oil spill caused?  Frankly, BPs recent advertisements have only reminded me to continue to bypass those stations.

I want only the best for the Gulf coast. I hope that tourism picks up, the coast heals, the oyster beds rebound, the dolphins stop dying, and life is better than before.  And I hope that BP does right by them.  When they do, I’ll willingly visit their stations again.


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