Bliss with Blissmo

October 26, 2011

Somewhere I stumbled over blissmo and blissmoboxblissmo_logo_hp.

Blissmo offers organic and eco-friendly products at substantial discount (there is a special every couple of weeks).  I’ve ordered a couple of items.  One I can’t talk about because it’ll be someone’s Christmas present, the other was a %50 discount for purchases of $40 or more from Abe’s Market.  Yummy goods.

The blissmobox is a different deal altogether.  It is a monthly box filled with organic and/or environmentally friendly items.  You buy a subscription and for roughly $20 a box of goodies gets shipped to you.  There are a couple of themes to choose from (and they change each month), so your box is likely to have items you want or need.

blissmobox oct11Last month I chose the tea and snacks box. It came just as I was running out of my favorite teas at home – and now I’m a happy little camper.  I received three boxes of teas by Zena’s gypsy tea – Vanilla Orchid Darjeeling black tea, Peach Blossom oolong, and Tropical Garden green tea.  The tea’s are  organic, fair trade, and delicious.

Along with the teas were some granola bars, chocolate covered espresso beans,  a cookie, and dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate with cocoa nibs – if the teas weren’t blissful enough the chocolate pushed me right into nirvana.  The chocolate is from sweetriot and I enjoyed every nibble.  As for the other items, my assorted food allergies kept me from eating them, but not my husband – they seem to be gone now.

My next box will be shipped soon and this time it is the Bath and Body Bliss box.  I can only imagine what will be in it, but I can imagine a blissful bath with a cup of tea.



  1. […] has been a Blissmo kind of week.  I talked about Blissmo here. Long story short, I get a monthly box of eco-friendly goodies and e-mail offers on other good […]

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I’ll look into Blissmo.

    • I’ve been very happy with my boxes – always fun to open a surprise every month.

  3. Ooh, I need to look into this. What a great idea!

  4. Hi Midwest Green! Thanks for a great review on blissmo and the blissmobox. Whoever is the recipient of the blissmo Christmas gift is in for a fun eco-friendly treat (thumbs up for planning ahead!). Glad that you got your teas and tastes box just in time when you were running out of tea. Hope that you were introduced to some great new brands–those sweetriot cocoa nibs are great aren’t they? Looking forward to hearing about your Bath and Body blissbox. 🙂
    –your friends at blissmo

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