Stamping in a greener world

October 16, 2011

I mail decreasing numbers of envelopes now that I do most gogreen stamps 2of my bill paying online.  Still, every now and again I need stamps.  These stamps called right out to me!

They are the USPS Go Green (forever) stamps.  I like to think they mean that we should go green forever, but really it just means that these stamps cost 44 cents each and you can always use them for your first class mail, even after the price of stamps goes up.

The Go Green stamps feature 16 images, each with a suggestion for an environmentally friendly activity that many of us can do: buy local and reuse bags, fix water leaks, share rides, turn off lights, walk, reduce our environmental footprints, compost, hang laundry outside, recycle more, ride a bike, plant trees, insulate, use public transportation, use efficient light bulbs, adjust the thermostat, and maintain tire pressure.

The USPS has other stamps supporting my values too.  Another greenish one SaveVanishingSpeciesFC-single-BGv1is the Save Vanishing Species semipostal stamp.  A semipostal stamp costs a bit more with the money over the stamp’s value going toward a specific purpose.  In this case the 55 cent stamps benefit conservation funds, specifically, African Elephant Conservation Fund, Asian Elephant Conservation Fund, Great Ape Conservation Fund, Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Fund, and Marine Turtle Conservation Fund.

It is great to see the USPS in the green – in fact, they are actively green with Cradle-to-Cradle certified packaging for their Express Mail and Priority Mail envelopes and boxes.  They are investing in hybrid and electric delivery vehicles, and increasing the energy efficiency of their post offices.  They have plenty more to say about their green efforts too on their website. For a governmental service that is always on the chopping block to some extent, it is great to see their green efforts and advances.  [By the way, go to their sustainability website (linked above) and look at the bottom right corner of the page (any page on that site) – even the postal service has a sense of humor.]

It was a pleasant surprise to see the Go Green stamps and to then find out that the Postal Service is rather actively making strides towards sustainability.  Perhaps that’s a sign of how mainstream green is becoming.


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