Try Something for 30 Days

July 1, 2011

I saw this video this afternoon – a TED talk about trying something new for 30 days.

I want to do that.  Or a variation of it.  What I have in mind will not be something new – but something no fun that I am motivated to do. 

When I was pregnant with my youngest I had gestational diabetes and had to carefully watch my diet and blood sugar for the last 8 weeks.  It was hard but I did it – my mantra being “I can do anything for 2 months.”  Well, if I can do anything for 60 days I can certainly do it for 30.

I’ve just come back from a family vacation and my niece posted a picture of the family.  Those who love me tell me I am not fat.  I am, however, not svelte.  I am now uncomfortable in my clothes and unable to move with the ease I was used to.  It is time for a change.

So I have decided I will monitor my food intake via SparkPeople for 30 days. I’ve done this before – about 4 years ago. SparkPeople I’m optimistic that just paying attention to what I’m eating will have me modifying habits.  For instance, I’m 56 calories over my goal calorie intake – I think I’ll take a walk after this and try to work some of it off (today we came home from vacation – 8 hours in the car – no exercise – and a big sub for lunch…that’ll get you every time.)

Oh – and I do intend to get back to blogging more regularly.  My excuse – end of semester craziness, big project (remember the big project that kept me from blogging last summer/fall – writing a 3rd edition of a textbook – end of May was editing said galleys).  And then my brain went on hiatus.  I think it’s back now though – so I’m planning to blog more – but perhaps not everyday for 30 days.


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