A Toy For Me!

April 3, 2011

android 2

It’s an Android 2.2 7” tablet computer.  I’m trying to come up with a green rationale for getting one, but I can’t.  Sure, it probably takes less energy to charge it, but I’m not getting rid of the laptop, and in fact, right now I have both machines going simultaneously (eye roll).

I’m having fun “shopping” in the Android Market.  I’ve only paid for one app – Docs to Go; that is so I can actually do some work while away from the laptop – reading and editing documents. Otherwise I have been browsing among the free applications.  Among those I’ve downloaded is one for writing blog posts for WordPress – but that will only happen for very very short posts because typing on a 7” tablet is an exercise in frustration. 

I’ve checked for “green” apps.  There are some memory extenders, but I’m leery of them given some of the reviews.  I’ve downloaded Green Living News – which seems to provide links to any news story with the word “green” in it.  Often that means it is environmentally related, sometimes it means Cee Lo Green is in the news. We’ll see if I keep it.

Another app I found was Find Green – a green business locator. It may or may not be helpful in my neck of the woods. Go Green is an app that provides the user with a different green tip every time they open the app.  That might be food for thought at least.  Recycling Tips provides, you guessed it, recycling tips.  Earth Techling also provides tips and information for green-minded earthlings.  Carbon Meter promises to measure my carbon footprint.  And I downloaded Ruler Green – which is simply a ruler that measures in inches or centimeters and happens to be green.  Sometimes you just need a ruler.

But lets face facts.  I did not buy a 7” Android tablet so I could have green info at the tips of my fingers.  I bought it because it looked like a fun and potentially useful little device.  I can surf the web, check e-mail and Facebook, take pictures or video.  I am taking the advice of many and not downloading Angry Birds (I learned my lesson with Farmville, no more addictive games for me).  So far it has been fun and a total time sink; but that’s what weekends are for.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll need to use it more judiciously – but perhaps pick up a green tip or two to pass on.


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