Miscellaneous update

March 27, 2011

It has been a busy week.

Workyearly-calendar-collectionWe are past the 1/2 way point in the semester and all the end of year deadlines, award ceremonies, newsletters, presentations, and colloquiums are being planned.  I suddenly felt the need to create a master To Do list – it is 4 pages long, and that’s just a list of the things I know about.  I also created a 3-month calendar and start noting deadlines and events.  It is my feeble attempt at gaining some control over the chaos. By mid-May most of the craziness will be done.  I think I can make it.

FamilyLucy and Schroeder 2011This weekend was the high school musical – You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.  My son was Schroeder.  Both sets of grandparents traveled to come see him perform.  And he did a great job. 

Of course prior to the arrival of the grandparents we needed to make the house presentable.  It is now at the acceptable for family and close friend visitors stage.  I hope we can keep it here for awhile (I am not optimistic).

My husband and I have generous parents and we have eaten very well this weekend at our favorite restaurant.  I really need the weather to warm up so I can do more yard work and lose some of my winter weight.

Solar.  It was chilly but sunny today and I think we had a record photovoltaic production day with 25.08 kWh.  Before this the best I’d seen was a day of 22-something kWh.  The sun is now higher in the sky and is up for more hours and this is only going to get better for another 3 months.  I am smiling.

Speaking of solar.  I did the taxes, and I’m smiling.  Yes, these topics, solar and taxes, really are related – remember the 30% federal tax credit?taxes1-400x300  Assuming all goes as planned we should be getting a hefty tax refund – which will immediately go to upgrading a bathroom that is in dire need of attention.  It is one of those jobs I was hoping we could put off for awhile and do more fun projects first (like a studio above the garage), but the odds of the toilet falling into the kitchen seems to be on the increase.  While we’re at it we’ll also put in a shower where there is presently only a tub (a very large tub in which we could have taught our toddlers how to swim). I love the tub, even if it is black; it will stay, but we definitely need a shower as the years of two teens in the house approaches.

glass strawsFriends.  Too many friends have had health challenges of late.  One had her thyroid removed and I was too far away to rush over and physically help.  So I asked an Internet group of amazing women I know for gift ideas and one woman who had similar surgery suggested straws.  Well, I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy glass straws and this was it.  I ordered some from http://www.ecoglassstraws.com/.  Not only did they come promptly and safely, but the owner sent a few extras!  I sent some to my friend and kept some for us.

A splurge.  I ordered a toy for myself.  An android tablet computer.  Do I need it?  No.  Will I use it?  You bet.  I’m very happy with my does-nothing-but-be-a-phone cell phone, but I find myself  envying the amenities of smart phones.  Sometimes I want to take a picture – like of the 5 turkeys in the field on the way to work, or the three hybrids in a row when I parked the car the other day.  I find myself wanting access to the Internet while sitting at restaurants, or to edit papers while waiting for my kids.  The laptop is a wonderful invention.  Fifteen years ago I thought it was marvelous that I could tote a computer around with me.  androidBut now I want to toss a computer in my purse or stick one in my back pocket.  I’m getting a 7” tablet and I can barely wait for it to arrive.

Next week I hope to eat less, breathe more, and make a dent in that to do list, perhaps even crossing off more items than I add.  I’ll have a cool drink now and then and use a glass straw to sip it.  And by next weekend I hope to be playing with my new android.  …I wonder if there is a blogging app…



  1. […] have been seriously considering how to redo this bathroom for about a year, ever since our tax return indicated it was possible.  Last May, my husband and I spent a weekend getting ideas and I […]

  2. I bought stainless steel straws a couple of years ago and we all love them!

    • Cool!

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