A beautiful gray and overcast day

March 5, 2011

gray dayI think it was Mark Twain who said “Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”  We can’t really change the weather, but we can change our attitude.  A friend in Minnesota (Hi Maryann!) and I have decided to only talk and think of the weather in positive terms – regardless of what it brings.

Today’s challenge: it is 35 degrees (F) and overcast  with no promise of anything greater than 38 and no chance of sun.  The forecast is for drizzle at first and then a change to snow showers.  OK, let me try to spin this one.

No problem.  This is perfect winter/spring transitional weather.  The temps are above freezing allowing for a gentle thaw so this moisture can sink into the soil where we’ll need it in a few weeks to grow our crops and flowers.

And while it’s chilly and damp outside today, it is warm and cozy inside.  A great morning for curling up with a cup of tea and a cat, newspaper, book, knitting, laptop, whatever works for you.  It is also the perfect weather to do inside chores (of which I have innumerable).  I have no real motivation to go putz around outdoors as I would if it were sunny and 60.  So today is a great day, thanks to the weather, to make a dent in the indoor mess.

It’s March in Illinois.  This is exactly the type of weather gray day IIto expect and so there is no reason not to enjoy it.  And if it were suddenly cold and snowing, there would be reason to enjoy that too.  Warm and sunny, easy-peasy. 

In the week or so that I’ve committed to a positive attitude towards the weather I’ve had the opportunity to react to others’ doleful weather commentary.  I counter their negativity with my positive response and they stop in their tracks.  That is not what they expected.  A complaint about the weather is like a “hello, how are you;” people don’t expect a considered response. 

But I have considered the weather. I consider the weather daily and whatever it is that day, it is what it is and there isn’t anything I can do about it.  So why complain?  It doesn’t make me feel any better and often makes me feel worse. So I will not complain about the weather.  Not only will I not complain, I will embrace it. 

As dreary as today appears to many, in my book this is not a difficult day to spin positively.  Severe thunderstorms and damaging tornados won’t challenge me either.  Of course I don’t wish damage, injury, or death on anyone, but there is something very awe-inspiring about when the weather shows its power.  No, for me the challenge will come in July or August with an extended heat wave and high humidity.  That’s when I’ll be put to the test to find something positive to say about the weather.  But I will; there is no reason to be miserable when I have a choice. 

As for now – I’m going to enjoy a gray day.


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