Stoney Creek Inn: Outsdoorsy Does not Mean Green

February 27, 2011

sciWe just spent a weekend away and stayed at a Stoney Creek Inn.  Stoney Creek Inn’s have a rustic lodge theme going which is vaguely amusing.   They also have an indoor pool and “free” breakfast (as if we didn’t pay for it as part of the cost of the room). bunkbed room

We chose the Stoney Creek Inn this time because we were able to get a room with one large bed and a set of bunk beds.  We have two kids, a teen boy and tween girl, that need their own beds. Since we were staying two nights we wanted the elbow room that comes with the “deluxe” bunk bed room.  The mini-fridge meant we could chill our bottle of white wine too.

The soap and shampoo in the bathroom were called Terra Pure Green Tea Organic Naturals, or at least they had those words (and no others) on the label.  An Internet search yields no such products, so who knows.  But the soap was nice, the lotion was thick and the shampoo worked (but no conditioner? glad my hair is short now).

In the bathroom there was a notice that they wash sheets every other day and  had the suggestion to use your towels more than once (hang them up and we’ll let them be, put them on the floor and we’ll launder them).  This, the organic toiletries, and the general outdoorsy atmosphere suggested a certain green mentality.

All hopes of that were dashed at breakfast. The utensils were plastic and  plates, bowls, and cups were (oh, ick) Styrofoam.   The food was better than some places, but not as great as other “complimentary” breakfasts I’ve had.  To make tea I had to nuke my Styrofoam cup of water – but they had 4 types of coffee (coffee drinkers get all the good stuff).  The tea wasn’t organic so I hold out no hope that the coffee was fair trade.  [I was very proud of my husband though, when we stopped at a coffee house with about 10 different types of coffee he chose their (one) organic offering.]

Discounting the lack of real environmental awareness, the room was comfortable and my daughter and husband enjoyed the pool and hot tub where there were plenty of towels (there was also a dry sauna and fitness room but I did not avail myself of those amenities).  The room was neither too hot nor too cold and I didn’t feel the need to adjust the temperature (and I do tend to prefer it on the cool side).  The price was reasonable – and I did get the special AARP rate (may have even paid for the years AARP dues with it). 

But, beyond superficial appearances, the Stoney Creek Inn is no greener than most other motel chains.  I wasn’t really expecting it would be, but a girl can hope.



  1. are you able to buy larger sizes like they sell in the gift shop?

  2. I stayed at Stoney Creek in Johnston, IA in November and I loved the Terra Pure Green Tea body lotion provided. I have been trying to find where to buy it but haven’t found a retailer. Do you know where I could get some?

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