I’m taking a snow day (whether there is any snow or not!)

February 24, 2011

It is blustery out and the snow has begun.  Nothing heavy, but apparently it is expected to get pretty fierce with 5 – 9 inches falling overnight.  It’s the blowing more than the snowing that will be problematic. 

This has been a stressful week wrapping up a stressful month.  Nothing especially bad has happened.  Just more and more obligations are piling up with less and less time to get to them.  I still have a wreath, a small Christmas tree, some Christmas candles, and about 20 snowmen around my house.  I have a paper I’m trying to research and write and another I’m working on with a student.  Two other students and I are collecting data for another project, and my Environmental Psychology class took a test on Tuesday that I really need to grade.  That’s just the start.  There’s much much more but it kind of makes my stomach hurt to think about it.

So tomorrow I’m taking a snow day.  It would make it more believable if there is snow on the ground, but it doesn’t really matter, I am still taking a snow day.  I brought home the exams to grade and I have my laptop.  I am all set.

The grading will take two or three hours, but at the same time I can do laundry.   And maybe I’ll bake some cookies (notice I said bake, not make – frozen cookie dough from Market Day, the next best thing to homemade).  I’ll also pack.

Pack?  Yes, the family is going away for the weekend.  Just a little two night trip to Hannibal, Missouri and Quincy, Illinois.  We’ll go in the Mark Twain Cave and probably the Mark Twain Museum.  We’ll scout out the snazzy architecture of Quincy and maybe tour a mansion.  And we’ll spend two nights in a hotel.  Our room is supposed to have a king size bed and a set of bunk beds along with a microwave and mini-fridge (must remember things to put in the fridge and cook in the microwave).  We’ll swim in the hotel pool, maybe I’ll exercise in the fitness room (or not). 

Going away for the weekend does not help me accomplish any of the myriad tasks awaiting me, and in fact, the idea of going away was starting to stress me out, until the weather forecast called for snow and I realized I really didn’t have to go into the office tomorrow.  I have no classes or meetings.  I have office hours but no one has made an appointment.  Just realizing I could work from home tomorrow has reduced my stress remarkably and made the idea of going away fun again.

So tomorrow, regardless of whether we get 9 inches or no inches, I am taking a snow day.



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