I don’t want to go outside!

February 19, 2011

The cat was by the door.  I opened it, she balked.  I nudged her with my foot.  She backed up.  I looked outside and saw this critter not 10 feet from the door.skunk by the birdfeeders

The skunk looked up and I shut the door fast!  It didn’t spray, thank goodness, but continued checking out the dropped seeds under the birdfeeder for several more minutes until the sun came up and it decided it was time for bed.

My daughter said she saw it by the feeder later also.  I check around before I let the cats out now.  And I’ve bought 2 large bottles of tomato juice in case the cats (or one of us!) irritates the skunk. [I hope we don’t ever have to find out if tomato juice really does counteract the smell.]

Driving up to the house the other night we were looking out for the skunk.  One of our cats came running toward the car from one direction and another went running from the birdfeeder.  Wait a second, that wasn’t our cat, that’s a raccoon!

This morning my daughter looked out the living room window, “Oh, isn’t that cute!”  An opossum (cute? borderline in my book).

It may get cold again and it may snow again, but the animals say that spring is on its way.



  1. I found this blog wandering around on WordPress this morning and it reminded me of your skunk blog: Enjoy.


    • awww, ALMOST makes me want to make friends with our neighbor skunk.

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