Bowl Me Over

February 15, 2011

I have a thing for bowls.  They’re sturdy (generally) and keep things together and from falling on the floor.  You can eat anything in a bowl, not true of plates; try to eat soup off a plate.  Bowls come in all shapes and sizes and have a million and one uses besides holding soup.  One of my favorite wedding presents is a silver bowl that looks lovely at Christmas filled with ornaments.  I have numerous small bowls for small portions of ice cream, cereal, or yogurt so I don’t overeat.  I have tiny bowls to hold my used teabags; a large flat bowl that has been a serving dish at one time and a mail catcher at another.  I probably have a 1/2 dozen large salad bowls and several bowls I’ve picked up at auctions and antique stores.  We won’t talk about how many mixing bowls we own including a very large stainless steel bowl my husband uses for mixing bread dough. A local artist makes beautiful mixing bowls with a marvelous ornate decoration on the outside.  Someday I hope to have a full set, I have given my husband two so far for his birthdays and such (one of those presents I buy for him because I want it).  My favorite oatmeal bowl is Polish porcelain; not cheap and why I only have one.  My university’s pottery club has an ice cream sundae sale where you buy a bowl and have a sundae in it for some ridiculously reasonable price.  Local artists make bowls to buy and eat from during a silent auction for other art.  And I rarely come home from the local art sale without another bowl.  I didn’t really notice before, but apparently I love bowls.  Apparently my husband noticed though and gave me bowls for Valentine’s Day.

These are Melaboo bowls by Reducemelaboo bowlsAccording to their website:

Melaboo™ is made from 100% biodegradable bamboo fibers. Great for your eco-friendly kitchen.
• Soup Bowl measures 7.5” in diameter.
• These bowls can be used for salad and soup.
• Bamboo materials are biodegradable and sustainable.
• Biodegradable, sustainable and non-toxic.
• Available in five colors.

They feel like plastic, but apparently aren’t.  The owner of the store where my husband bought them told him not to put them in the dishwasher; I suppose that much water under pressure might accelerate the biodegrading of the bowl.  Don’t really want my oatmeal bowl to go all soggy on me. 

I don’t think we’ll put them in the microwave either.  Nothing is mentioned about the microwave, including no indication that they are microwave safe.  So we’ll assume they are not.  I can’t imagine that bamboo would be oven safe either.  I have no desire to burn up my bowls.

So perhaps they don’t score super high on the convenience scale.  They have other advantages.  They are  very attractive.  My husband bought one of each color but blue. And these bowls will be great during the summer when we eat outside.  There is always the risk of a ceramic bowl hitting the patio bricks and breaking into smithereens.  These bowls are lightweight and do not seem readily breakable. And of course, their number one advantage is they are made of fast growing, biodegradable, bamboo.

I suppose not everyone would be tickled by a set of bowls as a Valentine’s Day present.  And I did also get Fair Trade chocolate and dates from Palestine.  But I must admit, the dishes bowled me over.


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