We’ve passed the 1/2 way point!

February 12, 2011

We passedsunny the cross-quarter day last weekend, the half-way point between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox.  At the time we were having windchill advisories and experiencing below zero temps.  But now that we are officially on the downhill side of winter the weather is finally acknowledging the shift.  Tomorrow it is going to be sunny and 40 degrees (yes, I know some of you think that is cold, but I’m good with 40). Rumor has it that it’ll be in the 60’s by the end of the week! [But then back to the 30’s and 40’s, because it isn’t spring yet, you know.]

There are other little signs that the earth is continuing its orbit around the sun.  The sun itself, for one, is coming up earlier and its staying up longer.  That’s a wonderful sign that the seasons are moving along.  It is so much easier to wake the kids in daylight than in darkness; and it is so much more pleasant to drive home while the sun is still up too.

The animals are moving around more too.  Take skunks for instance.  I’m seeing more dead ones on the road than just a few weeks ago, and I’m smelling more at night also.  I don’t think I’m smelling the smushed ones, I think I’m smelling ones that are gallivanting and then meet up with something that needs to be dealt with.  So far it has not been any of my cats.poor little robin

The number of birds in the vicinity has increased in the last week or so.  This includes robins.  This guy either forgot to migrate or came back early.

DSCF8789Last night we had our first Heart of Illinois Beekeeper Association meeting for 2011.  That’s a sign of impending spring.  We won’t have another until April though, there isn’t much beekeeping to do between now and the middle of March beyond crossing your fingers and hoping you still have bees.

forsythia blossoms

Spring isn’t here yet, we still have another 5 weeks or so, but it is on its way.  I know it, the animals know it, and the plants know it too.  I conned those forsythia sticks I brought inside into thinking that spring has already arrived.


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