Blizzard on the Prairie –The Epilogue

February 5, 2011

The blizzard started on Tuesday about 10 a.m. and the snow stopped Weds morning. 

When the power was still out Weds morning and I was getting chilled to the bone in my own house I started to think we should check into a motel.  Silly me.  I’m not sure we could have gotten out of town.  the town snowpileSure the streets in town were plowed but the streets into town were not.  There is one state road that comes into town from the east, and to the west while it eventually hooks up to another major road it doesn’t actually lead to any other towns.  Word has it that this road was closed to the west of town and only an emergency route was plowed to the east.  That route was wide enough for a single large truck, and its mirrors would touch either snow bank. 

The newspaper, which we finally saw on Friday, had numerous stories of the power outages and officials and snowplows getting stuck in the snow for hours or overnight. [look here and here and  here].  There are other stories too that didn’t make the paper.  By Thursday morning, however,  the plows connected our town to the rest of the state once again.  I think if I’d known the town was so effectively snowbound it would have made me fairly apprehensive.

In retrospect, it is simply amazing that plowed out by Scottroads can be closed with drifts as high as 15 feet – but then all the roads can be perfectly passable 48 hours later.  My respect as doubled this week for snowplow drivers, utility workers, the National Guard, and everyone else who has to or chooses to work through storms to keep the rest of us safe.  You people are true heroes.  [and that means you too, Scott!]

[Just saw that the National Weather Service is keeping an eye on another potential storm for the central US that could hit next week…I will not underestimate it.]


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