I’m Back to the Blog and My Green Ways

December 12, 2010

Did you miss me?  Were you less inspired to do green things without my constant push in the ecofriendly direction?  You know what?  I found myself slacking without the blog as a background motivator, without that little voice saying “You could post about this” or “You’ll have to fess up that you didn’t bring a bag to the grocery store.”  But I wasn’t a total slacker and it was interesting to see what types of behaviors have become second nature.

The quick take is we recycle. DSCF8656We take our lunches to work and school in reusable containers. We have greatly reduced our use of plastic bags. We drive cars that get respectable gas mileage, try to buy fresh, local, organic, and/or fair trade whenever possible.  We put effort into trying to conserve energy. And we eat our own,or our own bees’, honey.

Where do I slack?  The reusable bags seem to be in the kitchen more than in the car (but we do reuse the grocery store bags) and the house generally has more lights on than necessary.  I bought non-recycled wrapping paper for Christmas (I just couldn’t afford the recycled stuff, nor have time to make fabric gift bags) and not only did I accidentally buy a set of 3 little lit trees with non-LED lights (the horror!) – they are in the back yard, lit (and look cute, actually).  I figure this is probably offset a little bit by


It took a year and a 1/2, but we have them and they are turned on (just in time for the darkest days of winter).  We have saved about 33lbs of carbon from the atmosphere (the readout on the inverters also tells how many kilowatt hours the panels have made that day and cumulatively – but lbs. of carbon is less abstract for me – I wonder how long before we’ve saved my body weight in carbon – or a ton? (my body weight does not equal a ton)…. you know you’ll read it here).

It’s nice to be back to the blog. 




  1. and nice to be reading your posts again 🙂

    • nice to be writing them 🙂

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