Solar System Update

August 3, 2010

Have you noticed – no pictures of the photovoltaic system (aka solar system) we are supposed to have had on our roof months ago.garage without solar panels

Oh, and perhaps you have heard that the economy is in kind of a mess? 

These are unfortunately connected.  The company we were working with is going out of business.  However, they sent me a list of all the materials our project would require (and the electrical drawings) and we can purchase the materials from the distributor at wholesale prices.  I figured it out, that saves us about $4,000.

Before I have $15,000 worth of solar panels and assorted connectors and wires and inverters and computer cards sent to my house I need an electrician lined up who can actually put this all together so that it does what it is supposed to do.

I had an e-mail way back from a man from the original company who left that company soon after he e-mailed me.  His e-mail address wouldn’t be any good, but it just so happens that I had recently (as in days before) bit the bullet and joined FaceBook – and this man was on FB too, as was the saleswoman who sold us the system (she’s no longer with the company either, obviously – if you aren’t taking new business you don’t need a sales force). I sent them both messages asking if they could recommend an electrician in the area who did solar projects.

They both, independently, recommended the same person. I take that as a good omen. Today I heard back from the electrician and yes, he’s interested, and could I send him pictures (the roof where the panels would go and our electrical panel) and he’d get back to me with an estimate.

So, still no panels on the roof – but a bit of movement in the right direction.  Going green is not always as easy as it seems.


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