The Consumer Power of Green Moms

July 11, 2010

After a wonderful vacation (more about that in other posts) I finally turned on my computer and started deleting spam.  Among the questionable e-mails was one from someone I didn’t recognize and with a suspicious subject line: Thank You!.  If I had a buck for every message caught in my spam catcher with Thank You! as the subject line I’d have a pretty darn thick wallet.  For some reason I opened it though – and although I think it might have been written by some one for whom English is not their first language (which gives you pause as you are weighing whether it is spam or not) it was interesting. So I checked to see if the organization mentioned is legit.  Apparently it is.

The Social Studies Group is a consumer research group that focuses on social media.  Hmmm, consumer research…will their knowledge be used for good or for evil?  Will it be used so that companies will produce what we want or so they can sell us what they want us to buy.  Still, I’m a sucker for research and they wanted me to take a survey.

Actually it was neater than that.  They were doing research on green mom bloggers and apparently this here blog is one of the 300 they had been perusing.  It was kind of fun to realize that I was the subject of a research project.  I mean, I do research.  I collected survey data this winter from about 1300 beekeepers, now the tables were turned. 

I took the survey.  I’m not sure I was very helpful.  The survey said the most important question was what were the URL’s I most often used for blog ideas… I ended up leaving it blank because I hardly ever get blog ideas from other sources (well I guess today is an exception).  Occasionally I encounter something in the big wide virtual world that I look into, but mostly you just hear about my bees and my garden and my attempts to buy green, be green, and encourage greenness around me.  So, anyway, I left it blank.  Some researcher somewhere is rolling her eyes at my reply.

Preview - Report: The Green Mom Eco-Cosm

The Social Studies Group has already created one white paper on Green Moms.  This based on reading our blogs.  It’s 16 pages of easy reading – but perhaps not everyone is as motivated as I was.  Here’s my summary:

They categorize the Green Mom Bloggers into three main groups: Super Greens, Eco-Moderates, and Mainstream Greens.  I think I am probably an Eco-Moderate:

They represent a broad group of mothers that is very concerned about the environment, but also with balancing the realities of juggling career, family, home and their desire to live an eco-aware, sustainable life – with limited time, and in many cases, limited resources. They are oftentimes concerned with their family’s consumption, and recognize excess consumption as being central to the conversation on global sustainability.

Super Greens are watchdogs and more radical in their views of the three groups.  The Mainstream Greens are “most likely to philosophically align with the concept of green consumerism” looking for the greener version of things they already buy.

They also give special nods to two other subgroups of green moms.   Green and Frugal Moms are noted for their focus on personal economy, buying less, conserving more, is recognized as also being good for the environment. Natural Parent/Simple Lifestyle Mamas are also noted because their choices align well with the green choices made by Super Greens and Eco-Moderates.

All in all, the message to businesses is green moms are a force to be reckoned with – ignore us at your own risk. 



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  1. Thanks for taking the survey! And thank you for writing about our report. I promise not to roll my eyes at your reply 🙂

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