Miscellaneous catching up

June 20, 2010

I’m on summer break – you’d think I’d have nothing but time.  Nope. I may not be teaching, but this year I have plenty of work-related and professional projects to keep me busy busy busy.  Plus it is summer, so we have to have fun too.  Between work, visiting, and company there aren’t many minutes left.  And it has been hot!  When it is hot I lose my will to do anything – including blog I guess.

But, we’ll be off on vacation trips without Internet access, so I thought maybe I’d give a quick catch up.

THE SLEEPOVERfuzzy flip flops

My daughter’s sleepover went well.  The main activity after dinner was making fuzzy flip flops




Closer to dark was the fire and s’mores. s'more makin's I thought the girls would prefer the more classic milk chocolate for their s’mores but the dark chocolate with mint was the favorite.

Much sugar and at least one young lady dedicated to being awake as much as possible meant that at best the girls slept from midnight until 4 a.m.  The plan had been for the party to go until 10 a.m. but one left exhausted at 7, another was picked up at 9 for a family party, and since my daughter was asleep in the hammock, we called the last set of parents and they came a little early for their daughter.  My girl slept on and off in the morning and then all afternoon. But she went to a silent movie festival with her father and brother that night and was right as rain the next day.


I still have 4 hives.  I’m pretty sure the swarm I caught was actually from my hive that overwintered, but both are doing o.k.  Because I will be gone for a couple of weeks I have made sure that everyone has space to expand.  In fact, I put a box on the hive I won today.  I also bought a screened bottom board and telescoping lid for “the shack” where the swarm was hived.  It looks much better now.  Sorry, no pics – it was close to 90 while I worked today and it took every ounce of energy from me.  Wait, want to see some new equipment – it is in the back of the picture of the girls making flip flops.  Not only did I get a bottom board,  cover, and the parts for 40 frames, but 5 cypress boxes.  I bought cypress so I didn’t have to paint them.


Snow peas, radishes, and lettuce are our primary product at the moment.  We’re going away for the week; meeting most of my husband’s family at a house in northern Michigan.  We’ll pick the rest of the lettuce and peas to take with us because the lettuce probably won’t last the week, especially has hot as it has been.

The onion and garlic look great, the potatoes are starting to bloom as are the green beans.  Tomato and pepper plants seem fine and zucchini and cucumber plants are growing. 

The wild black raspberries are ripe right now down by the beehives, but it is just too hot to go pick them.  I know that means we won’t have any, but I’m the only one who eats them anyway, accept for the raccoons and other wildlife.  I guess they’ll get to feast on them all.

The Japanese beetles killed off most of our grapes last year.  We have some vines coming in the mail as well as sweet potato plants.  Like I said though, we’ll be away for a week – I hope they arrive about Friday so that we can put them all in next weekend.


And now it is back to getting ready for the real world, like tomorrow’s 8 hour and 5 minute drive (according to MapQuest.com). The first big trip for the Escape (at least since we bought it).  Perhaps by the time we get back I’ll have green things to report.


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