Swarm update

May 28, 2010

The swarm seems to be setting up housekeeping – but it didn’t look good for awhile.

I went to see how the swarm was doing the afternoon after I hived it and the bees were swarming on the outside of the box.DSCF7828This was not a good sign.  What to do, what to do.  AHA! put a queen excluder DSCF7829(a screen the queen can’t fit through but the worker bees can) under the box to keep the queen in the hive until they decide they like it well enough to stay.

I lifted up the front end of the hive (the bees were all on the back) and slid the queen excluder underneath.  The swarm couldn’t have cared less.  heading inThen, using the bee brush I scooped and brushed as much of the swarm into the hive box that I could.  I also brushed them into a bucket and dumped them unceremoniously into the box.   They really didn’t complain.  Obviously, I couldn’t get all the bees in, but they were making their way in (rather than out – a good sign) when I left them.

The next morning I went down to see what there was to see and what I saw were bees orienting in front of the hive! 

There abode is not pretty – I call it the shack.  the shack I’ve ordered some more woodware – a bottom board and cover and some more boxes and frames.  My other hives will be needing to expand too. 

Phew!  Apparently I have a 4th hive.



  1. good job, was this your first attempt at catching a swarm?

    • second swarm catch – 1st time hiving one though (I gave the first one to the property owners).


  2. Congrats!

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