What’s Growing?

May 8, 2010

The vegetable garden is about 80% planted (thank you, dear husband) and the harvesting has already begun.

We’ve been eating asparagus almost daily for a few weeks now.  Last night my husband pickled a couple of jars because we just can’t keep up.  DSCF7751

We’ve been enjoying fresh spring greens this week.  There are 2 20 foot rows of mixed lettuces. 

Looks as if we can start eating spinach now too.spinach

We have more onions than usual this year.  I ordered some and then we forgot so my husband bought some starts and then a friend (thank you, Susan) sent some genuine Walla Walla starts from Walla Walla, Washington.  But really, can you ever have too many onions? onion



And then remember that pathetic little garlic from back in March?  The garlic patch is going great!

garlic in may 


I have flowers growing too.DSCF7742

I love the alliums and so do the bees.

Below are the flowers you can just see behind the alliums.    Silly question – I know a few of you are very into flowers and this will probably be obvious – but does anyone know what this flower is?






My favorites – irises.





We mostly have phlox – lots and lots of purple phlox.  Talk about invasive!  I used to have columbine everywhere – but I think it has been overrun by the phlox.  It may be time to take control of my garden again.  Maybe – I have such a hard time tearing out pretty flowers.  Still, there is a fine line between lush and overgrown and I may have crossed it.

There is more growing that I just forgot to photograph.  Violets and violas and purple cranesbill geraniums too. The chives are in bloom also.  Hmmm, I seem to have a purple theme going here, except for my columbine (of course it was the purple ones that have disappeared). 

More things are yet to bloom of course – bee balm (a pinkish purple), clematis (purple), Echinacea – purple.  What can I say….



  1. How do you store your onions? There is always some of mine that sprout and don’t keep because it’s still hot and humid here in DC by the time the onions are ready to harvest. I store them in the basement but it’s not cool enough

    • we store in the basement too. Some onions seem to store well and some don’t. And some years we grow great greens and the onions rot in the ground. It’s catch as catch can with us and onions.

      (p.s. DH tells me the row I thought were onions were actually shallots)

  2. You have lots of gorgeousness in bloom – I love those starry blue flowers but don’t know what they’re called. Maybe you can find someone who wants to dig up and take away some of your phlox – I wish I could!

    Nice veggies, too. I’m so jealous that you have asparagus.

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