A couple of green things

May 2, 2010

Here’s a video on water conservation made by the son of a friend’s friend.  He’s a 6th grader.  Well done, Max!

I’m not nearly as creative or talented as Max.  I don’t think I can make clay dogs, let alone clay dogs drinking water.  Very clever!

I can write lectures though. And while writing my last lecture for my Environmental Psychology class I remembered a website I’d seen before and Ed Begley, Jr. had mentioned  during his talk, the site by the Center for Sustainable Economy on our Ecological Footprint.  If you haven’t seen this site and taken the Ecological Footprint quiz you should.   I have a link to the site on my sidebar also now (see? – there on the right?), so you can send your friends here to find it too!

My Ecological Footprint is better than average for the United States, but is still far from sustainable.  It would take 4.34 earths for everyone to live my lifestyle. logo-ecological-footprint I did the quiz again pretending the solar panels were installed.  That reduced my footprint to requiring only 3.5 earths, not enough.  I am very proud of my Goods and Services Footprint – it is very low and my smallest footprint, while it is the typical American’s second largest footprint (there are 4 footprints: carbon, food, housing, and goods and services).  My carbon footprint is the biggest (although still lower than the average Americans).  The culprits are my commute and the size of my home.  Neither of those are likely to change in the near future, although I’m still waiting for a used Escape Hybrid to become available, that will help, in theory more than actuality – I’ll still be driving 60 miles most days and getting 30 mpg. 

There is some news on the solar panel front.  I talked with the owner of the company who is installing the panels.  Tresidentialsolarproductshey are waiting for the panels from Sharp .  Because of requirements under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) that all products sold as American goods must be composed of at least 50% US made components as well as be made in America Sharp is behind in their orders.  The Sharp plant is in Tennessee, but until now the solar panel components have come from Japan.  This has caused a significant delay as Sharp reconfigures their production lines.  The owner of the installation business thinks early June.  I’m guessing mid-June.  I will accept all vicarious finger-crossing on our behalf.

That’s the latest bits of green in my world.


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