Earth-related Fun

April 24, 2010

I celebrated Earth day about a week early on April 14th.

Ed Begley Jr and Jill and I - croppedFirst, a friend and I saw Ed Begley, Jr. at Illinois State University.  He’s not an expert, just a guy making a point of living his principles.  His message was do one cheap little something and when you save enough money (because the cheap little something, like using CFLs or turning down your thermostat will save you money) then do another cheap little thing.  I think what I was most impressed by was that he drove his Prius from LA to Central IL.  It took him 3.5 days (he told me that at the book signing – I bought Ed Begley, Jr.’s Guide to Sustainable Living  – haven’t started it yet; not a great shot of course – cell phone quality).

My friend and I then went A meteor was sighted over much of the Midwest on April 14, 2010. This screen grab is from a University of Wisconsin-Madison webcam.out to dinner  and on our way home (separate cars – we met after work) we saw the April 14th midwest meteor.  This is NOT what we saw.  If I had seen that I would have thought we were under attack.  This is a screen grab from the University of Wisconsin/Madison video that I got off of NPR.  What my friend and I saw was a flash that made me look and then I saw a small ball of yellow light – a plane? no, a part of a firework? no…. then within probably 3 seconds it was gone.  Still, it was bright enough that I was very surprised to find it had fallen several hundred miles away.

The other significant earthy thingpackage of bees I did the week of Earth Day was install a package of bees in the hive where the colony had died.  Here is the generous 3lb package of bees from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms.  My son wielded the camera as I installed the bees.  Here they are going in.  shake and dump I have checked on the bees since then.  The queen is out and the girls were filling the bottom box so thoroughly that I added a second box.  I do not want my hives swarming again this year!  I’ve been feeding them a little honey, but I have seen them bringing in pollen, so they probably really don’t need me to.

The other colony is going great guns.  I have 4 boxes on that hive – as many as I had at the end of last year.  I hope they’ll stay happy and make honey for all of us (MaryAnn – I haven’t forgotten you!).

For Earth Day itself I can’t say I did anything in particular.  I was doing my civic duty at a meeting that went extra long in the early evening, so I didn’t even get to have dinner with my family – local chicken and fresh asparagus from the garden cooked on the grill.  They did save me some though and it was gooood.

And while I’m here.  Let me apologize for the paucity of posts – both recently and in the near future.  It is so hectic between work and family that there just isn’t enough hours in the day.  But in less than a month my schedule will loosen up considerably and then the posts will come fast and furious. 



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  2. Aw, shucks…I never get mentioned in a blog! (not that I know of) But if I do and it’s not good, I don’t want to know about it. 😉

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