Earth Hour 2010

March 27, 2010

So, for a month I’ve been planning to write a post about Earth Hour.  You know, here’s some sites, be sure to join us, Earth Hour – it’s a Good Thing.  When is Earth Hour – oh, in about 50 minutes.  Obviously I never did get around to writing the post.  In fact, it looked briefly like we weren’t going to be able to celebrate Earth Hour at our house at all (and that would have been embarrassing).  But the stars aligned – so far.  I have some candles on the table in anticipation.  And a snack for the kids too (chocolate covered pretzels that we made while we could still use the microwave – hmm, does that run counter to the whole purpose? The chocolate is organic at least.).

We were going to play a game, and we still might, but my husband is outside helping our electrician friend do some wiring – ahh, irony.  I don’t know if he’ll be inside for Earth Hour – it’s pretty dark, hopefully they’ll give up soon.

The original plan was a rousing game of Earthopoly – but it will probably be too late for that.  I’m thinking dominos.

Did you celebrate Earth Hour?  What did you do when you turned out the lights? [Remember, this is a family blog and children might be reading.]



  1. My husband and I played Earthopoly. 🙂

    • cool – how very appropriate!
      my 2 kids were playing this afternoon – it was so nice to hear them playing so nicely and quietly with each other (and learning, shhhhh, at the same time).


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