Dark Days 19 – Going Out Easy

March 27, 2010

The last week of dark days was almost over.  No more flour available.  No more onions.  No more garlic.  But the farmer’s market had some fresh butterfly pork chops and some hydroponic greens.  We opened another jar of pickled green beans to go with it and the last of a bottle of local wine.


The seasonings for the meat, and the salad dressings were not up to SOLE snuff.  This summer I’ll need to make my own mustard so I can make a local, organic, honey mustard dressing.

Dark Days is Done.  I’ve learned a few things.  Mostly I’ve learned that we should put up more of our food when we harvest it so we can enjoy it all winter long.  But, before we can do that we have to plant something. 

It is still chilly most days, freezing on some nights.  We could get the radishes, carrots, and lettuce seeds in if we could find a moment when we’re free and the weather’s cooperating.  It will happen soon.  Also soon, the asparagus will start coming up.  That’s a sure sign of spring. 

So long Dark Days – Hello Sunshine!


One comment

  1. I love pickled beans. Do you pickle asparagus too? I’m going to try this year and would love some advice if you have any!

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