Dark Days 18 – – this is getting really hard

March 21, 2010

This is why animals are in danger of starvation in early spring – there is nothing left to eat! 

We’ve tossed the last of our carrots – ewww they were getting really icky.  The potatoes and sweet potatoes are history too.  The local flour is no longer available – I reckon they sold what they’d made from Fall’s harvest.  I feel like the grasshopper from the grasshopper and the ants – I clearly didn’t work hard enough in the Summer and Fall to store up enough for the Winter and Spring. 

So, we made an effort this week, but I’m not sure any one item on the menu meets the Sustainable Organic Local and Ethical guidelines – different items are good on a couple and lacking on the others – some are totally lacking, period..  And it isn’t a highly coordinated meal either – more of a “what can we put together that’s close to SOLEful and relatively balanced?”

Salad – local and hydroponically grown greens – that’s probably the best.

Cheese – the cheddar blue we found a couple of weeks ago made by a local creamery – great on salads.

Milk – the local, ethical, non-hormone enhanced but not organic Kilgus milk (this milk has led to more hits on my blog than anything else).

Butter – made from heavy cream from the same dairy as the milk – so local and ethical… I made the butter in the food processor – I’m getting better at that.

Bread – homemade with organic unbleached flour and buttermilk leftover from the butter making – the wonderful whole wheat flour we’ve been using is no longer available.

Ground pork – I know the farmers – they are among my best friends – so the hogs were treated ethically because I know they really do care about the animals – but it is a pretty conventional hog farm and it is neither organic nor sustainable – but definitely local.

Honey – local honey (the only type to EVER buy! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANYTHING BUT LOCAL HONEY! – sorry for yelling, but I’m a bit passionate about the honey thing – guess I should do a post on that, huh?).  Anyway, the honey was great on the pork (my daughter used maple syrup which is good too, and while organic, not local – we’ll assume the trees weren’t tortured though).  The honey was also used in some honey mustard – the mustard was not local or any of the other good stuff – but I saw a recipe for mustard – so next year….)

My husband and daughter had bottled mass-produced salad dressing – sorry.

We’ll try to eek out one more dark days meal for next week, and then I think we will call the challenge met.


One comment

  1. Ok, OK I’ll buy LOCAL HONEY!!! LOL
    I really admire you for keeping this up. I thought the Dark Days must end after Spring Equinox….Cheddar Blue sounds like something I’d like.

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