Dark Days 16: simple pleasures are the best

March 6, 2010

Every now and again I’d hear of a family where the mother makes a supper for the kids and then has a nicer dinner with her husband/their father later in the evening.  Oh, that seemed so strange.  Part of me thought it was kind of sad.  Part of me thought it was kind of elegant.  This week we did it that way – twice.  Only one of these was a dark days meal though.

I got home on the late side Weds night and the kids were finishing up their meal – I don’t know what it was, something kids like and adults tolerate.  But my husband had waited to eat with me, and for that meal he had gone dark days.

The cupboards were pretty bare.  The natural food store is out of our local flour and  I couldn’t get to the Farmer’s Market before it closed to get fresh greens. But my husband did o.k.  He cooked up some local bratwurst and we ate those with homemade pickled peppers on them. He made rolls with 1/2 local flour and 1/2 organic flour from the grocery.  For a vegetable we got out a jar of pickled green beans.  DSCF7477

The bare cupboards do give me pause.  In nature, this is the time of year that animals starve, the winter stores are gone and the new food has yet to grow.  For us, we aren’t in danger of starving, but the local options are getting slimmer and slimmer.  Except meat.  There seems to always be meat.  In fact, we’ve eaten more meat than usual this winter because we eat it as a dark days meal; so we’re having meat at least once a week where I suspect it is generally more like every 10 days or so.  It isn’t the typical American high fat diet, but I’m really more comfortable eating less meat.  Perhaps this will motivate me to store more food for next winter.

Oh, on Thursday, I was the one to make dinner for my husband.  He and my teenage son went to help with my daughter’s chess club.  I fed the kids pasta before they left, and made polenta with onions and mushrooms for my husband and I when he got home.  It wasn’t SOLE food (although the onion might have been local I think) but considering I did the cooking, it was pretty tasty.

Was it sad?  Was it elegant?  I think it was just preferable to an overly hectic dinner time.


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