Happy Anniversary to Me! And a Big Thank You! to you!

March 2, 2010



A friend pointed out that I’d sent my introductory e-mail to her one year ago today.  A quick double check and yep, my first post was on March 2, 2009.

This is post 144.  There have been 313 comments (some are by me).  The most viewers were on June 25, 2009 which was actually a day I didn’t post anything.  But a few days earlier I had posted about the Railsplitter Wind Farm.  It is still a popular search term that causes people to find my blog, as is Kilgus milk.

I don’t have a big following, but it seems fairly stable and might even be increasing a tiny bit.  If I didn’t have a day job perhaps I’d devote more effort to establishing a following.  Instead, when I publish my blog as a best selling book and then a move (ala Julie & Julia) only you, my faithful few, will have “known me when”.

So, Thank You! for reading my blog. 



  1. happy anniversary wendy! hope your bees overwintered well:)

    • I’m at 50% at the moment – 1 was ok a couple of weeks ago and one was dead. This weekend I’ll check the live hive again and perhaps feed. Yours?

  2. I’ve really enjoyed your blog this past year and looking forward to continued visits xox

  3. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy first birthday and congratulations! Love the post about the dishwasher additive. I need to find some of that — quickly!

  5. Happy 1st birthday! of many.

  6. Happy Blog Birthday! And…I’m proud to say I knew you before when. 😉

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