Dark Days 15: SOLEful Soup

February 27, 2010

Last week we had a roast chicken; this week we had chicken soup.

My husband used the remains of our roast chicken to make chicken soup.  We don’t have any readily available local and organic grains so we went for a potato/carrot/onion/garlic/chicken soup. 

DSCF7470 DSCF7467

Meanwhile, my daughter (age 10) had been experimenting in the kitchen, and that afternoon she made some very tasty pan-fried potatoes.  She asked if she could make them for a side.  So we had E’s pan-fried potato sticks (more like hash browns – tasty but a little salty) with the soup.


A hydroponically grown green salad was on the menu also.  The 14 year old ate the salad.  His salad dressing wasn’t SOLEful – c’est la vie.

DSCF7476 The kids had the local, natural, milk from happy Jersey cows.  And my husband and I had wine “prepared” by the local Benedictine’s.  Probably only partially counts as SOLEful since the grapes apparently came from Australia.  I think they could use some label editing assistance, although my husband agreed that this wine was “palatable”.  Actually, we decided that with a little seltzer it will make a fine summer spritzer.  We have another bottle so we’re going to let that one age for a few more months.



  1. I thought of you today when I made beef stew from our local cow! (We bought 1/8 — about 50 lb, which I think will last a good year.)

    • Our “palatable” wine would probably be good for making stew!

      Maybe I should look into buying a portion of an animal – although we really don’t each much meat – we seem to save it mostly for dark days meals.

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