Solar system, where are you?

February 20, 2010

I’m trying not to worry.  So they have $8,000 of ours and we still have no solar panels on our garage.  We received paperwork to sign last month – an application to the utility company to hook up the panels – the hook up date was February 28th. 

The company has a good reputation, and I’ve been told it is a 3 day project.  And if they do run late, I’m sure the company has experience applying for extensions with the utility and the state (there is a rebate program for 30% of the cost – of course the state is stone broke, but there is a rebate program).

So, I won’t waste time and energy worrying, right?  Worry never changed an outcome, right?  I’m still going to e-mail the salesperson.

Keep those fingers crossed that everything is going along as planned but I just don’t know the plan.


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