Dark Days 13 – barely counts as a meal

February 13, 2010

A busy week ending with 4 people going 3 directions.  My son was playing in the band at the homecoming basketball game; my husband was leading a discussion at the showing of a film; my daughter and I were staying home and watching a Harry Potter video (V). We couldn’t even eat dinner together. My husband and I were participating in a progressive dinner party the next day so really didn’t want to eat much.  My daughter ate assorted junk at the school Valentine’s party so she wasn’t hungry.  Last chance for a dark days meal – given appetites, time, and predilections – dinner was bread and salad.

My husband put the ingredients in the bread maker in the morning – using the local whole wheat flour, of course.  It was marvelous!  Brown and moist and light too.  It was like cake without the sugar (or chocolate, or icing).  I had mine plain – it didn’t need anything on it.  I do believe my son and husband used the rest of the homemade butter (cream from the local milk source) since the butter is gone.

Salads were local hydroponic greens, our own organic carrots, and cheese from a local creamery. The cheese was a cheddar/blue cheese.  That isn’t a combination I would have thought would go well together – but if you like sharp cheeses you’d like this.

Beverages were milk (local, ethical, but not organic in the winter), water, and seltzer (from my own seltzer maker – definitely a good investment for the seltzer addicted like me).

There was a bit of cheating – I did have balsamic vinegar and olive oil on my salad and my daughter had Italian dressing.  Not sure what exceptions my son and husband resorted to.   All told it wasn’t much, but it was enough.


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