Dark Days 12 – Breakfast

February 6, 2010

Usually my husband makes the dinners in our family.  But I am the one to make breakfasts if we’re going to do anything other than fend for ourselves.

We were down to the wire on the week, hadn’t had a dark days meal and weren’t going to be home together on Friday night for dinner (we did all meet at the high school basketball game – Holy Toledo! what a game – we lost in the last second of overtime 50 to 49 – to the top ranked single A team in the State – we’re ranked 5th – hard fought for sure). 

Anyway, I had picked up bacon and cream at the Farmer’s Market last week.  We had local flour too.  Biscuits and bacon for breakfast.

First I made the butter. The cream was cold, and so it took longer to become butter than when it is room temperature – but that also meant that I could scoop out some when it was just whipped cream.  I thought the kids might want it, but there doesn’t seem to be any interest in unsweetened whipped cream, so I see a cup of chai with a wonderful topping in my near future.

from 2 pints


The butter came out fine along with 3/4 of a cup of butter milk.  Here’s the take from a pint of cream.




Then the biscuits.  I used a very simple recipe, just flour, baking powder, butter, biscuitsand milk.  I used the butter milk from the butter making – and of course the butter.  The flour was local, and as usual, seemed to be  responsible for their tastiness.  This recipe seems especially well suited for biscuits that you might add things to, like cheese, or garlic, or other herbs.  There is no salt or sugar to interfere with the taste of additions.  For breakfast they were just fine with the butter and honey (local, of course).


Bacon.  You know what bacon looks like.  Happy pigs make yummy bacon though.  Granted, we usually eat turkey bacon, and as healthy for you as it is suppose to be, it just doesn’t live up to pork bacon in flavor. 

My husband had coffee, a SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, and ethical) exception, my daughter had milk (the local, natural, yummy milk – source of the cream for the butter and buttermilk also).  I had very local (from the tap) water – had my (non-local but organic) tea earlier.  The baking powder for the biscuits was the only other non-SOLEful ingredient. 

I may have to go run around the block to work off the calories from this meal. 


One comment

  1. Sounds yummy! I am printing out that biscuit recipe as I type and passing it along to my husband. 🙂

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