A beautiful me!

February 6, 2010

Last weekend a friend and I did a little shopping and at our local Bergner’s department store (somewhere between JC Penney’s and Macy’s in “class”) they were doing free makeovers.  Hair, nails, chair massages, and make up. 


I had my hair curled with a curling iron and then kind of pulled back off my face as if it were in a ponytail but with bobby pins rather than an elastic  – it was suppose to be casual, but looked a tad fancy.

I skipped the nails, just wasn’t in the mood – and they’d been breaking so much with the dry winter weather that there wasn’t much nail to do anything with.

I did get a chair massage from a friend’s daughter.  I think a group of us women will have to have a massage party in the near future and pay this young woman to massage us all.

And finally, my friend made me get a cosmetics make over.  I’m not much of a make up girl, but in the past decade my use has increased some.  After my youngest was born I started using make up to draw attention away from other parts of my body.  That is still an issue (although I do weigh less than I did post 2nd baby).  Now that I’m post-50 I rarely go out without concealer and a bit of blush – at least in the winter I just look rather beige.  Except if I haven’t slept well, then I have these incredible circles under my eyes – not good.

Anyway, it was a Lacome counter and the young woman who did my face was a good listener and did what I wanted – which was minimal and natural looking.

I was impressed.  I really liked the tinted moisturizer and even the lipstick – and I don’t do lipstick.  That might change.  My friend was also impressed, and except for my eyes, which were a bit more done than I’d do for everyday, my husband seemed to like the make up look also.  The hair – well, it was fun and I’m actually going to use that style next week (relevant posts to come).  By the end of the make over my head was way overdressed for my sweater and blue jean clad body.

Now luckily, I had actually forgotten my wallet at home, so I couldn’t buy $100 worth of products at the Lancome counter.  And that was good because I really did want to do some research on natural and organic make up – especially a tinted moisturizer – before I went investing in this new look.

A bit of googling and I settled on Physician’s Formula.  I liked that there was a range of products by one company, including several organic products – and importantly – tinted moisturizer. Organic wear™ 100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer I also liked that where the Lancome moisturizer was going to cost $40, Physician’s Forumula costs $10.  Finally, Physician’s Formula, in theory, is sold at a whole bunch of different stores.  “Not all products will be available at all stores” I tried a local K-Mart and found nothing, but hit pay dirt at the local Target.  Here’s the moisturizer (to the left).

Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin 2-in-1 Bronzer & Blush




I got some blush and bronzer also – on clearance for $8.67 – luckily it was the color I wanted most.

Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin Mascara



Mascara also.  I wish they had brown; I settled for black (as opposed to “ultra black”).  It does have a recyclable “eco-brush” – even I wonder if we’re doing a bit of green-washing there.



Organic wear® 100% Natural Origin Superfruit Lip GlossAnyway, Target also happened to have one lip gloss left – also on clearance ($4.85).  The shade was what I was looking for too – a kind of “non-shade”. 


And finally, not organic though, I bought an eye liner pencil.  It doesn’t seem to have nasty stuff in it (dermatologist approved, Eye Definer Automatic Eye Pencilhypoallergenic and fragrance free) – and it’s taupe.  I’m not into the goth or emo dark-lined eyes – barely lined is more my style.

So now if I’m going to wear make up, at least it will be either good for my face, or not bad.

I’m all set to get pretty.



  1. Every once in awhile I feel the need for a total makeup overhaul, so it’s nice to know about these products. I’ve used Physician’s Formula LeVelvet film makeup for 20 years! I have to get it by mail order, even though lots of their other products seem to be in the stores.

  2. picture please, oh lovely one!

    • Maybe from this coming weekend’s V’day progressive dinner – Greek theme – I will be an Olympic figure skater – my husband will be Zorba the Greek.

  3. Sounds like fun! My friend/neighbor turned me on to Bare Minerals, which, though a bit pricier than Physician’s Formula, I like a lot. I’m not sure if they’re completely organic, but they use minerals instead of chemicals, creams, and things you can’t pronounce — everything’s a powder, including the eye liner. I hate wearing tons of make-up, but this feels like you’re barely wearing anything.

  4. I use some of these products and usually find them at CVS. I use the blush, tint and powder. Let us know how well the products wear – does the mascara smudge much?

    • I wore the mascara today – it held up pretty well until the end of the day when in my tiredness I rubbed my eyes thoroughly – – gotta learn not to do that with mascara on. – Actually, I like the way the mascara goes on better than other mascara I’ve tried – not clumpy – a light touch. Still wish they had brown though.

  5. it can be a mood lifter to make an apparence change:) glad you found a hairstyle for special times and nice finds on the makeup:)

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