Better Butter

January 23, 2010

I had good success once making butter from cream and a miserable experience the next time.  So I turned to the Internet and searched butter making. 

There are a bazillion sites – and apparently putting marijuana in your butter is a way to incorporate that medically sanctioned stash you have into your diet –but I just wanted to know how to make it.

First I realized that I could make it in the food processor rather than the blender or with a hand mixer or standing mixer (or the old standby – shaking it in a jar).  And then I stumbled on a 1978 piece from Mother Earth News on making butter.  It had several pieces of information that I found useful.  For instance, use room temperature cream.  In retrospect it makes sense that the temperature would matter – for best whipping you should your cream should be cold.  I don’t know that I would have figured that warmer was better for butter though.

I’ve done it twice now.  Room temperature cream in the food processer is FAST!  You zip past the whipped cream stage.  The fat separates from the butter milk and I save the butter milk for my husband to use in baking.

Then you rinse the remaining butter milk.  I found you can add fresh water to the food processor and mix it up some more, drain, repeat.  Then you squish the remaining water from the butter and you’re done.  Mine is in the fridge at the moment – just because any remaining butter milk will sour eventually and make the butter smell icky and then start to taste a bit sour.  I will probably split this last batch in 1/2 and put 1/2 in the freezer.

I don’t think I have the process down perfectly, not well enough to claim a failsafe approach worthy of pictures and step by step instructions.  But I do say don’t be afraid of trying – the worst it will do is cost you the price of the cream (I start with heavy cream) and you’ll have learned something in the process anyway (at least I did – – don’t rinse with warm water – duh!).  If you want a bit more guidance, the Internet is loaded with it.

I love the taste of fresh butter.  And I love that the cream is from my favorite dairy and is minimally processed, and most of all, hormone-free.  My husband does 90% of the family cooking.  This is one of my little contributions that I’m increasingly proud of.


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