A car in our future

January 16, 2010

Early this month our Ford Focus hit 200,000 miles.  It runs fine, can still get 30 mpg on a 72 degree day (i.e. no need to use the heater or air conditioning), but it is time to face the fact that sooner rather than later it is going to give up the ghost.  I would like to be proactive rather than reactive in regards to car buying for a change. 

So today I took the car to the dealer for an oil change, tire rotation, and a new turn signal bulb knowing full well that this might be the last servicing this car gets (in fact, that is why I decided not to invest $200 in a new door latch, we’ll just have to keep dealing with the faulty one, letting my daughter out from the outside – it won’t open from the inside).  While I was at the dealer’s I talked to the him about Escape Hybrids.  A few years ago he was not enthralled with hybrids, but he has recently had a turn of heart after driving one.  He is now going to be on the look out for a used Escape Hybrid (front wheel drive) for us. 


Why this particular car?  Well, we live in a small town that just so happens to have a car dealership.  A significant proportion of the sales tax on purchases at the dealership goes to the city, and a significant proportion of the total sales tax money the city gets comes from this dealership – so I want to support the city and buy the car there.  Plus, this dealership has done well by me over the past 13 years – both in car purchases and in service (including saving me significant dollars on a major repair job). I want to give them my business.

But why an Escape Hybrid? It turns out to be the only Ford with some cargo space that will get 30 mpg.  I have a 60 mile round trip commute, so 30 mpg is my minimally acceptable fuel efficiency mark.  Plus, we are a family of four that takes road trips.  We either need a vehicle with some cargo room or we’ll have to rent one several times a year. 

I don’t know when this will all come about.  I did some Internet searching myself today and saw a few possibilities in the area – but the dealer probably has more contacts than that and knows more about cars, so I’ll let him find me some options.

I am excited though.  It’s been 8 years since I’ve had a new-to-me car.  Plus, I’m excited that it will by a hybrid.  My fingers are crossed this all works out.  Meanwhile, the Focus is running fine (even got 30 mpg on the last tank of gas), everyday the car runs is money in my pocket, so there is no big hurry either.



  1. The hybrid vehicle is the best choice if we care our children in the future

    • I’d really love something totally emission-free and that doesn’t need charging…but guess I’ll need to wait for that.

  2. I had a chance to test drive some Fords this summer and meet some of the people that work there – a lot of moms! I was impressed. They do a lot with sustainability beyond the engine: materials used in the interior, and so on.

    • my Uncle Harry was a Ford man through and through and so I inherited a bias (although have only owned Fords since moving to this town and the dealership/sale tax/community support issue became important to me). I think Ford has a number of reasons to be proud right now.

  3. The Honda Insight is cute – if I let myself dream about *any* car – even any fuel efficient or hybrid… add cargo to the mix though and the options decrease quickly – darn that physics.

  4. Good at least that you can take your time with the search. There really are fewer hybrid options when you need a big car, right? The AWD is such an issue here, too. Otherwise I’d be driving one of those cute little Honda Insights! – have you seen them?

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