Week 9 – Dark Days Quesadillas

January 15, 2010

As anyone who has followed this blog at all knows, this is not a food blog.  I think the fact that I’m really not all that interested in food – I eat to live rather than live to eat – is making the dark days challenge all the more challenging.  That and finding dark days meals (sustainable, organic, local, ethical) that at least the majority of us will eat.  Then there is that in the heartland here we can get local or we can get organic, but both local and organic – especially in the dead of winter – is a challenge (well – duh – that’s why it’s called the Dark Days Challenge and not the Dark Days Easy as Pie).

One thing that the kids will make for themselves are variations on quesadillas – or what we often call tortilla pizzas.  So – why not have quesadillas for dinner?

flatbredWe have local wheat – everything it touches is delicious.  DH made Indian flatbread recipe he found in a cookbook.   Next time we’ll make some changes.  He’ll roll it out more thickly and cook it for less time so it is more flexible – this was very brittle, but tasty.




We had a variety of local cheeses from a cheesemaker in the next city to the East.   And some nonlocal organic mozzarella, because some people in our family who shall remain nameless won’t eat any cheese with actual flavor.





We had local, organic, hydroponic greens for salads. 

As usual, the kids’ milk was the local, natural, hormone-free, minimally pasteurized. 


wine The wine was from the local monks – this time we tried the merlot.  Lighter than what you would usually think of as merlot, but tasty none the less. 

Not an elegant feast, but no one left the table hungry.


One comment

  1. I’ve been meaning to make quesadillas for one of my Dark Days dinners! No you’ve inspired me. Maybe I’ll get around to it this week.

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