2009: A Personal Inventory

January 7, 2010

2009 was a quiet year. Good times were good. Bad times were minimal. Things were accomplished; nothing was demolished. It was low on wild and crazy excitement but high on contentment, which means it was a very good year. Here are some personal highlights from my 2009:

· I didn’t hurt my back this year. Of course I didn’t exercise either – but I prefer to focus on the positive – I didn’t hurt my back.

· I maintained a robust weight. Some might say I am a little too robust. I prefer to think of it as a safety net should we suffer a sudden famine.

· I am still employed. Granted my take home pay does not take me as far as it used to, but I still get a check and so I am not complaining.

· No pets died this year.

· No relatives died either.

· The house is still standing, and so is the garage (although the garage was a little closer to collapse than we had realized).

· I now have two beehives. Of course it is the dead of winter and the bees may be dead too. I’ll know in the spring.

· My children seem to still love me; perhaps without the overt enthusiasm of their toddler years, but I don’t think they are harboring any matricidal intentions, at least not usually.

· I’m still married, happily even. My husband is too.

Yes, low on over the top excitement, but high on contentment: a very good year.


[This recently appeared in our local paper in my irregularly published column: A Slice of Life]



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    • thanks – but I live in IL

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