New Year Resolutions – The Usual Weight-Loss Thing

January 2, 2010

I am not being original regarding resolutions because I am in desperate need of the typical, cliché resolution – I need to lose weight. The trick with weight loss, for me anyway, is to make it new and fresh.  Maybe if I make it green.

Weight loss is dependent on one basic fact, expend more calories than you take in. clip art by ClipartHeaven.com Although not easy, this can be done by cutting back on food alone.  Word has it that high fiber foods fill you up more so you will be tempted to eat less. And it just so happens that high fiber foods are good for you.  In addition, it is increasingly possible to find good for you and good for the planet high fiber foods.  Generally, organic and local greens, grains, and vegetables are a good bet.  On top of that add locally or organically produced cheeses and meats (or both local and organic when possible), cut back on the sweets and snacks (the sweets are my special downfall), and I should be on my way. 

Last year I did lose some weight by cutting back on food alone when a back injury and then foot problems (getting older has its challenges) kept me out of the gym.  Now, though, I’m healed and ready with a personal trainer created exercise plan.  Adding exercise to the plan should speed along weight loss by increasing the number of calories I burn.  The deal here is making exercise green.clipart by ClipArtHeaven.com

The easy way is to exercise at home.  Presently, that is easier said than done.  In the room I exercise in the Christmas tree is still up and there are still presents and boxes strewn across the floor.  There is no room for my yoga mat (a brand new eco-friendly yoga mat from my sister.  Thank you, Gail!).  In a few days, though, that will change and I can do some core-building exercises in the comfort of my home.  In addition, there is always walking.  It is presently 4 degrees Fahrenheit.  When I was younger, that wouldn’t have phased me.  It phases me now.  I’m staying in.


That leaves the gym. clip art from clipartheaven.com It has an indoor walking track and an assortment of weights.  I do need to add weight training to my regimen (as if I actually have a regimen).  Buying my own weights just doesn’t seem sensible.  In theory I would have to buy more and heavier weights.  Buying weights is just not the green thing to do – using the gym’s weights is better.  Of course, that means I have to drive to the gym (10 miles).  It isn’t ideal, but with some planning I should be able to incorporate it into my drive home a few days a week adding only a few additional miles to the trip.

So, I guess that’s set.  I will begin eating more healthily – any change from my holiday bingeing will be an improvement.  And I will begin exercising.  I will be better for it, and the earth won’t be worse off.  Seems like a deal.




  1. What about making weights to use at home? I sometimes see magazine articles saying you can use cans of food or soda pop bottles filled with varying amounts of sand or water. Laundry detergent bottles would probably work pretty well for the higher weights because of the handles.

    • Hmmm, I’d need some 5lb weights, some 8lb weights, some 10lb weights. Bt the lack of symmetry worries me – I’d end up bonking myself in the eye with a sandfilled laundry detergent bottle.

      But mostly, I need that gym membership to motivate me to exercise.

  2. Looks like you have lots of good plans in place (or almost!) I’m starting to grind my own flax seed and mix it into stuff to get my fiber, usually in a smoothie. If you don’t mind bits in your drinks, it’s not a bad way to go!

    Our cable channel has exercise classes “on demand” somewhere. One of my resolutions is to find out where they are and actually try some 🙂

  3. I noticed that most of the foods on weight loss programs are very green, at least ones developed by nutritionists who have doctorates in nutrition. Vegetables, fruit, grassfed beef, lean meats from free range chickens, eggs, a few whole grains. I eat pretty well, it’s the “other” stuff I need to get OUT of my diet.

  4. Ugh. Sweets are my downfall, too. At least you have a plan, so that should help.

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