Dark Days – week 7 – Beef Stew

January 1, 2010

It is a cold New Year’s day.  I’m not hungover from alcohol, just dragging from staying up later than my 50 year old – whoops – 51 year old body is used to.  Just the right day for an easy to make Dark Days meal – beef stew.

The beef is local/natural (from the Farmer’s Market).  The tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and garlic are all local and organic.  Of those only the garlic is not from our garden, but we know the farmer.  We’re out of onions and so are the local sources, so the onions and the mushrooms are of unknown origin.

My husband and I took about 10 minutes to clean and dump everything in the crockpot along with a 1/2 cup of Kickapoo Creek wine (local – a Christmas present from me for my husband – along with a gift certificate to a butcher shop/deli that features local meats and cheeses (and wine) (one of the three places I can buy our favorite hormone-free milk).

I hope I can convince my husband to bake some bread for tonight too (with local flour).  Bread, stew, and wine.  Only 4 more hours.

*  *  *

My husband made squash bread with local flour and frozen squash from our garden last year.  The stew came out very nice with a delicate broth.  The wine was tasty too.  A success.


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