Dark Days 6 – pasta and sauce

December 24, 2009

Last night my husband and kids made pasta.  It has been several years since we have made fresh pasta, but my husband has a good memory for that type of thing.  He and the kids made pasta using the local whole wheat flour and water (no eggs since I’m allergic).pasta dryingMy husband then made a sauce with tomatoes (ours), onions (local), garlic (grocery store), and red pepper (dried and from a jar).   We (the grown ups) had some wine made by local monks also. The kids had local (but not the good stuff) milk. 

The adults were happy with the meal.  The kids, less so.  My daughter thought the pasta tasted like raw dough – and perhaps she’s right.  Next time we’ll make the pasta ahead of time and let it dry thoroughly so it has to be in the boiling water a bit longer.

Tomorrow is Christmas.  It won’t be a Dark Days dinner.  Breakfast will be closer – at least ethical – banana bread using the local whole wheat and organic sugar (egg replacer, salt, baking powder and baking soda and canola oil).  The bread for the kids is just the dough with bananas (from the local grocery, not organic though – at least we supported the local independent grocer though).  The adults’ bread includes organic walnuts and organic cranberries. 



  1. […] Green’s husband and kids put together a pre-Christmas pasta and sauce meal with fresh homemade pasta with local wheat, and homegrown tomatoes in the sauce. Local monks made […]

  2. You’re inspiring me, W. I also have not made pasta in ages, but refuse to get rid of the machine that’s in the garage collecting dust. My daughter’s having a sleepover tomorrow night – maybe that would be a fun thing to do with the girls. How long do you think it would be good to let the pasta dry?

    • Sorry I didn’t get this earlier – been holidaying with the ILs. The next time we make pasta we’ll let it dry at least overnight – but remember we do eggless. I’d imagine that pasta with egg would taste less like raw dough after a brief boil.

      So how’d it go?

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