I’m Famous! Well, not really.

December 9, 2009

On someone’s blog somewhere I heard about The Great Interview Experiment 2009.  Bloggers interview other bloggers – people they have never met.  You sign up by leaving a comment at the end of The Great Interview Experiment post on Citizen of the Month (that’s Neil Kramer’s blog), and Neil assigns you an interviewer (the person who left the next comment after you) and a person to interview (the person who left the comment just before you did).

I was interviewed by the author of blaggo chicago.  It was great fun, I mean, who doesn’t enjoy talking about themselves?  Ms. BlaggoChicago did a fine job of editing my over-exuberant use of hyphens and spelled cockamamie correctly for me so I wouldn’t look like a complete dolt. 

If you have a few minutes hop over to blaggo chicago and you can check out the interview and the rest of her blog.



  1. 🙂 Very cool to see how people connect!

    • fun too!

  2. I enjoyed reading that interview – and love the idea of being paired with someone randomly. Cool that Barb came to discover that you had things in common!

  3. This was something definitely worth doing! Thank you for being so honest with your answers — and so complete (I use hyphens, too), rather than just giving one-word answers. I really appreciate that.

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