Dark Days – The third week

December 1, 2009

Time is flying isn’t it.  How could we have gone through 3 weeks of Dark Days already?!  So far we haven’t been especially creative or adventuresome – and this week was no different.

My husband, as usual, did the cooking.  I would starve if it weren’t for him.  Since we were still suffering from over eating at Thanksgiving we were thinking light – and since we have hectic week ahead of us – we were thinking easy.  To that end we had chicken vegetable soup and baked sweet potatoes.sweet potato soup and wine  Oh, and wine.  This week’s wine was a local apple wine.  It was light and sweet – almost too sweet at first until we found it really went well with the sweet potatoes.

The chicken vegetable soup was made with the remains of last weeks roasted chicken and a few other organic/local chicken remains we had in the freezer, chard from the garden (which tasted better in the soup than I thought it would), garlic seeds (we’re out of cloves from our garlic – but the seeds are pleasant and mild), and onion from the farmer’s market.  It was a soup with a delicate flavor. 

The kids?  Our daughter had a baked potato (from the garden) and our son had his usual dark days meal of salad with hydroponically grown greens and local cheese. 



  1. This is what I don’t understand: why it’s called the Dark Days Challenge. That’s such an ominous-sounding thing to call it. You and your family are really, really brave for taking this on. Kudos to you all!

    • Because it is during the “dark days” of winter. It does sound ominous, but also a little cozy.

      • Ohhhhh…that makes sense now. Heehee.

  2. […] you have children, then you can relate to the folks at Midwest Green.  They may not be operating a restaurant, but they did serve three, unique, dark days dinners.  […]

  3. Isn’t soup made from whole chickens THE BEST?

    • I’m spoiled – I only eat “whole chicken” soup – the canned stuff is so salty – bluck.

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