Wrapping Paper Redux

November 17, 2009

Last year – if I wanted recycled wrapping paper I had to use the funnies – this year – it’s everywhere (am I cutting edge or what?).

Since my mention of Earth Presents, a source for recycled gift wrap, I have had two more businesses cross my path.

One is Ecosaurus, which I encountered because one of the founders left a comment after one of my posts.  Don’t be fooled as I was – the paper on the homepage – which looks very winter holiday-ish, all decked out as it is with red bows – are all the same patterns they offer on their products page.  I thought that they had perhaps sold out of the holiday stuff – – just goes to show how much difference a bit of ribbon can make.  Ecosaurus also offers gift tags and note cards.

The second recycled gift wrap business that forced its way into my consciousness is Fish Lips.  They also have note cards (as does Ecosaurus) besides the gift wrap, and their site says they will be adding eco-friendly blank books. 

The prices are comparable at all 3 places – Earth Presents and Ecosaurus sell their paper in packages of 2 sheets, Fish Lips sells by the single sheet.  It’s nice to have options.



  1. Cool idea. And buying chicobags for your family is pretty green there Barb – there is hope for you yet!

  2. My husband and I are ordering ChicoBags for our families, which of course I haven’t ordered yet, and although we’re still wrapping them with paper, instead of using paper or plastic shopping bags in which to place the gifts, we plan to place them inside a ChicoBag.

    So I go onto the site this morning, and there’s a video there that shows how to wrap gifts using the ChicoBags themselves. I don’t know how long the video will be there, but if you’re interested, just check out their site at http://www.chicobag.com. Hope this helps!

    • We do make every effort we can to be green and eat organic foods, but especially high fiber. Given our lifestyle and my GI problems, it isn’t always easy and it’s certainly frustrating that the apartments don’t put the blue recycling bins out back with the dumpsters.

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