More Milk, Please

November 8, 2009

So, yesterday I posted about our milk options and our choice being Kilgus milk.

In today’s Sunday paper there is a featured article on their farmstead

The big thing I learned from this article that makes me happier than ever about my milk choice is their emphasis on “cow comfort”.  Apparently the cows on farms that provide milk for the big milk companies are milked 3 times a day.  These cows have a life expectancy of about 4 years.  The Kilgus farmstead cows are milked once a day.  These cows have a life expectancy of 10-12 years.

In general, the Kilgus family and employees (of which there seem to be only a couple), seem to really focus on the comfort of their 70 Jersey cows.  In addition, they pasteurize, bottle, and distribute their own milk.  I learned of 2 other locations where I can buy their milk.  Both are relatively close to where I work (and in the same shopping center – which is a bit silly) – a local meat producer’s retail shop and a natural food store. Handy knowledge for when we’re low on milk.

So – high marks for ethics for Kilgus Farmstead (now if they’d just grow their grain organically…)



  1. I remember nursing…. it takes alot out of you (ok, yes, pun intended)

  2. Ya gotta wonder what it is about milking the cows less frequently that causes them to live twice as long!? Yow!

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