November 8, 2009

christmas tour sign

I love the holidays – from November 1 until January 2 I am in serious Holiday Mode.  So I wanted to post about the holidays, but I can’t quite decide which aspect to focus on – there are so many directions I can go – so this will be the preview post with others to follow.

I want to tell you about Thanksgiving and how we try to add a bit of greenness where we can.  [With an acknowledgement that overall we fail miserably at it.]

I want to tell you about my decorating plans and accomplishments.  My efforts to reduce energy consumption and rein in my desire to buy every cute snowman I see.

And I want to tell you about the gifts I’m planning – except that post will probably have to wait until after the gifts are given so as not to ruin any surprises.  Oh, and wrapping those gifts.  Don’t get excited, I’m not talking about anything terribly creative here (besides – what do you do with a bunch of cute handmade gift bags after the gifts are out of them?).

The overall theme for my holiday season this year seems to be heading toward quality over quantity – meaningful over money – and resource conservative over resource demanding.  I’ll try to expand on those themes – and in the process it may help me stay focused on them and less likely to revert to my less-green consumptive habits.

Oh and baking.  Holiday baking and sweet treat making – the kids and I hit the kitchen.  Can we do it in a relatively healthful manner? You be the judge.

Meanwhile, Retro Housewife Goes Green is devoting her posts to greening up the holidays – so take a peek over there.

So the holiday season has begun!  Let’s enjoy it.



  1. okay…this inspired me to post about last year’s gift I made. Am trying for a greener holiday around here as well!

  2. I’m always having this conflict too – the desire to go ALL OUT for the holidays combined with budgetary restrictions and trying to be greeener too. Do you have a real or artificial tree? I know there are benefits of both.

    • real – – I’ll have to post about it when we get to tree cutting time.

  3. Thanks for the link!!! I love the holidays as well.

  4. I’m with you, I love the holidays – decorating the tree is my favorite part and it’s hard not to buy tons of new ornaments every year. I want to know how to make natural decorations so let’s hear your ideas

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