Eco-friendly and Innovative – Sometimes.

October 24, 2009

Check out this video (click this title): All-In-One Innovative Pizza Box: Four Plates And Leftover Box

source: http://www.greenboxny.com/ecoincorporated.com/Home.html

For those who don’t want to go look – as the title suggests – it’s a pizza box, like any other pizza box – but it is perforated and creased such that you that you tear off the lid and tear it into 4 square plates – and then the bottom creases and folds into a 1/2 sized box for leftover pizza, and it is all recyclable.  Brilliant, and one of those “duh, why didn’t I think of that” kind of obvious innovations.  I can’t imagine why these boxes won’t be all over by this time next year. 

After seeing this marvelous pizza box I wondered what other eco-friendly inventions are out there.  Beware.  If you Google “eco-friendly innovative” you get over 2 million sites to search.  So I started adding random nouns after “eco-friendly innovative”

Want an eco-friendly, innovative door?  Look at these made from salvaged materials.

Here are some eco-friendly, innovative shoes by Acorn – but there are many more where they came from, about 311,000 more in fact in the Google search list.

What about an eco-friendly toy? Well, there are over 142,000 listings to peruse, but why not just stop at number two on the list – the placenta teddy bear.  Yes, a teddy bear from your child’s placenta.  The placenta is specially treated with sea salt to dry it and then tannin and egg yolk to make it soft and pliable.  After that all you have to do is cut and sew and stuff for your child’s own leather-ish teddy bear.  Oh – ick. 

Which just goes to show – one person’s eco-friendly and innovative may not meet the standards of the other.  (OK – the last one is definitely innovative, but not necessarily in a good way).

Actually, that leads to a serious topic – the pseudo-green industry line.  Sometimes an industry will claim eco-friendly based on the flimsiest of excuses.  A steel door – the foam interior does not deplete the ozone.  ….perhaps because it is encased in steel?  At least the steel is probably recyclable.  Or vinyl siding, because you never have to paint it – – – we’ll just ignore the toxic by-products caused by it’s production. 

So, caveat emptor – and educated.  Meanwhile – let’s start producing that pizza box!



  1. Okay the bear thing is just nasty! I can get over the thought of making it in to pills and eating it but a bear! That is just wrong. EW!

  2. Love those pizza boxes – that’s just brilliant! I was reading some trade journals at my dad’s nursery and there was an article about real eco marketing and marketing for the eco-chic – apparently there’s a lot of people who will buy something labeled “green” without even knowing why!

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