The 3rd Annual Dark Days of Winter Eat Local Challenge.

October 2, 2009

Today I stumbled upon a meal-making challenge that is just right for my husband and me (or so I hope).  It is called – well, read the post’s title again – – abbreviated as Dark Days by those who know it well apparently (I don’t think I know it well enough to abbreviate it’s name yet).

I found out about it on one of the blogs I follow, (not so) Urban Hennery.  The idea is to make one meal per week during the dark days of winter (thus the name) based on sustainable, organic, local, and ethical ingredients (SOLE).  Exceptions are expected (olive oil, most spices, and coffee for instance are a little tough to find locally made in Central Illinois).  The challenge will run from November 15 – March 31. 

My husband and I were talking about it over dinner.  It may be harder than we first thought – – or every week we’ll have one dinner of carrots, stewed tomatoes and sweet or white potatoes because we should have plenty of that into the winter from our garden (and our garden is very SOLEful).  Still, with a year-round farmer’s market where we can buy meat and milk and such we’ll have a leg up.  We figure we can even buy cream and make butter too for those meals. 

We have a month and a 1/2 to get ready… or maybe to practice.  Wouldn’t it be cool if it was just second nature by then – that our meals were based on SOLE ingredients more often than not? 

Tonight we had pizza (my husband makes the best pizzas).  The grown up pizza was homemade dough (not local flour) with tomato sauce (very local – our garden), anchovies (not local), eggplant (our garden) and feta (not local).  The kid pizza was homemade dough (not local) with pepperoni (not local) and mozzarella (not local).  The kids’ milk is from local dairies.  The wine was from South Africa (not local).  I guess we have some work to do.



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