Summer/Fall, Vacation/Work, Festivals, Birthdays – a Crazy Time of Year

September 16, 2009

So the title pretty much describes the last few weeks.  It is just a crazy time of year.  All 4 of us have had to transition from vacation back to school and work (which is school for the adults also – just the other side of the desk), and there is a big Fall Festival in the park next door over Labor Day weekend – and by weekend I mean from Friday evening at 5:00 until Monday night at 9:00. 

Labor Day weekend is fun filled for us.  We enjoy the festival and nearly every year my parents trek 1,000 miles to spend the weekend with us. My in-laws – including all the sisters- and brothers-in-law and the nieces and nephews – come down for the day (Sunday this year) for a birthday party for my daughter – but mostly a chance for the kids to go to the festival and a chance for the adults to see each other at our house.

I was hoping that once Labor Day passed I’d be on Easy Street.  But lack and alas it is not so.  My work is piling up faster than I can do it.  I have tasks around home I want and need to do also.  When did I get so busy?  I keep thinking I just need to be more efficient but I may just be busy.

This past weekend was a cross-country meet and a kid birthday party for my daughter.  It was also a weekend of tomato-drying, bee-checking (yes, another sting – upper arm, through my shirt – it’s about gone now), and lecture writing.  Work is also as busy as before with new lectures, accommodating schedules – rearranging meetings because of the accommodated schedules – writing exams – grading exams – grading projects… busy, busy.  I’m not sure I see an end in sight, just lulls before storms.

Tonight is a lull.  I was able to get into the garden and harvest tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots – I’ll take some pictures tomorrow. 

So, during this lull, I thought I’d explain my absence – and whine a little.  I have things to write about but I won’t be writing at my summer rate.  Still, I’ll get back into the swing of things soon and I’ll be sure to make the most of what little lulls in activity come my way.



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