School Year Begins and Blogging Slows

August 21, 2009

Summer vacation is over.  My husband and I are officially  preparing for classes that begin next week, and Friday was the first day of school for both of my kids.  Does that mean our green advances are over?

No, but I do think that everyday life and the day job will interfere more with my documentation efforts.  There are just too few hours in the day or even the week to keep up with all my responsibilities on a daily  basis.  I’m afraid first priority goes to mothering, then “wife-ing” (my husband will be surprised he rates this high), then the day job (college teaching) followed closely  by school board member and president of the school’s education foundation.  Blogging and writing my column for the local paper comes after maintaining friendships, but probably before cleaning the house.  And that doesn’t even deal with maintaining the yard and garden or petting the cats.  And don’t forget the bees and llamas (although frankly I pay much more attention to the bees than the llamas, primary responsibility for which has migrated to my husband.)

For me not only is the summer is over, but so is my sabbatical.  One of the perks of a career in academia is that every 7 years you can apply for time off from university responsibilities (including teaching) to conduct a project of value to your professional development.  I spent the Spring semester learning about Environmental Psychology.  Environmental Psychology started as the intersection of Psychology and Architecture, but has now evolved to include the environment broadly defined – that is both the built (man-made) and natural environment.  I developed a course on Environmental Psych to be taught at my university as well as an area of research that I can do with the help of students.

I am looking forward to getting back into the classroom, but I will miss my days at home too.  I was remarkably busy, but my hours were my own.  Now my time is increasingly being scheduled by other people.  What does it mean for the blog?  Probably fewer and shorter posts; but I do plan to keep posting about moving my family greener and greener.

And today? I picked tomatoes and carrots and potatoes.  I was wondering how much money we save by growing a garden?  Do we break even? Save money?  We spend about $100 or less on seeds and such – do we save that much?  I suspect so – we have a heck of a lot of tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots already and we’ve barely dented the number we’ll end up with.  And they’re organic.  Someday I’ll crunch the numbers, but for today I think I’ll just enjoy my roasted potatoes and carrots (prepared by my dear husband as I type).


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